Statute of Artoteca of Pilsen City

Article I.

Artoteca of Pilsen City is established by the Pilsen City Council by its resolution No. 512 resolved on 5th October 1995. The Artoteca has started its activities from 1st January 1996.

Article II.

The main mission of the Artoteca is purchasing of the artworks into the possession of the city. The selection will be oriented mainly on the production of artists working at the area of Pilsen City and within the Pilsen Region.

Article III.

The Artoteca of the City of Pilsen can also buy a work of art up to a maximum of CZK 15,000, based on the selection of the expert committee, for the purpose of donating the prize-winners of the 1st June Award.

Article IV.

The Artoteca of Pilsen City follows the city regulation on handling with movable assets in its valid version.

Article V.

Amount of money intended for the purchase of works of art, for care and expert work and expertise, in a given year annually based on the proposal of the Department of Culture, City of Pilsen allocated in the budget of the city of Pilsen - Department of Culture. The amount for the purchase of a work of art for donation on the occasion of the award of the prize The 1st June is allocated to the budget of the Culture Department of the MMP separately.

Article VI.

The Artoteca of the City of Pilsen is organizationally affiliated with the Department of Culture of the City of Pilsen. It provides and manages its activities.

Article VII.

Expert Commission is established by the City Council as its advisory body for the ensuring of an expert evaluation of artworks before their purchase into the possession of Pilsen City. The Commission is accountable to the City Council of Pilsen City for its activities.

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