Josef Haring

18. 8. 1952, Praha

He studied Czech Language and Art (1986-1991, Prof. Jaroslav Dvořák) at the Faculty of Education of the Charles University in Prague, worked in various jobs, in recent years as a restorer. In 1978 together with Jan Sekal, Andrej Bělocvětov and František Kudláč founded the Žižkovská avantgarda group. In 1998 he came to Pilsen, since 1999 he is a member of the Union of Fine Artists of the Pilsen region (UVU). He deals with drawing, painting and restoration, he uses constructive principles in his free creation, especially in figural compositions with a geometric net, and has created a number of works of purely abstract character. He has been exhibiting at the Exhibition in the yard (with J. Sekal) in Prague (1982), in the Theater at the Firefighters in Prague (1997) since the 1970s, e.g. in the Prague Regression Theater (1973). In Pilsen, he presented himself at several independent exhibitions, such as the Gallery of Jiří Trnka in 2001, the Visioart Gallery at Roudná in Pilsen (2009), the European House Gallery (2011) and the House of Music (2011). The exhibitions of UVU in Pilsen are regularly attended, most recently in the Písecká sladovna in Písek (2011), his works were selected for the competition of the International Biennale of Pilsen (2008 and 2010).
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