Jan Jelínek

5. 12. 1947, Praha

Jan Jelínek has lived and formed since 1966 in Pilsen. He graduated from private art studios, worked as a promotional artist and decorator in The JK Tyl Theatre in Pilsen, the promoter of ČSAD (The Czechoslovak automobile transport), Plzeňský Prazdroj, Editor-in-Chief of Pilsen newspapers and Plzeňské listy. Jan Jelínek's extensive artwork includes painting, graphics, objects, photography and performances, and is also a literary and theater actor. His characteristic feature is painting of an imaginative focus, the work of "Not Discovery of the Temple" from the 70s is a representative and highlight of his work.

Jan Jelínek had about ten separate exhibitions mainly in Pilsen and participated in roughly the same number of collective exhibitions, most recently the Other Event.
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