Miroslava Nová

24. 1. 1935, Malnice

She exhibits independently from the seventieth. Her most important acts were: exhibition at White Unicorn Gallery (2003), at Gallery of Pilsen City (2005), at Gallery of Špillar Brothers in Domažlice (2006). She also took part in the series of the collective exhibitions, especially together with the P 89 group during the last years. The repetitive participations at the international symposia in Uherské Hradiště (cast medals and small sculptures) and in Vejprty (sandstone) were very important for her. She presented her artworks several times at FIDEM (Neuschatel, London, Paris, Lisboa, Vymar, Haag). She participated at the exhibition Vision - Miroslav Tázler and meditative-lyrical tendencies in Pilsen artwork (the Gallery of Pilsen City, 2006, catalogue) at the year 2006.
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