Eva Roučka

31. 3. 1951, Plzeň

A native of Pilsen living today in Provence, France, she graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, where she got with difficulty (due to the so-called "bad staff profile") after seven years. In the meantime, she trained as an arranger and studied an extension course at the Václav Hollar graphic school in Prague. She worked as a promotional graphic designer. She joined the ceramics studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in 1975.
In 1979, she said goodbye to the stifling, unfree atmosphere of normalizing Czechoslovakia and emigrated to Paris, where she was immediately accepted as an assistant at the École nationale suppérieure des arts appliqués et des matiers d'Art (ENSAAMA). In 1984 she moved to northern Provence, where she lives and works as a freelance artist.
Eva Roučka found love in ceramics as a child. The possibilities of this flexible medium, which enables an expressive modeling gesture and intuitive expressive rendering of the surface, to some extent determined its sensitive artistic expression, freely moving from ceramics to drawing, painting and architectural and design realizations (among other things he worked for many years for the largest French glassworks DAUM and CRISTAL DE SEVRES). In 1989 he started working with a band saw. This tool opened up the possibility for her to work in a new way with a significantly treated form and an authentic raw surface invoice. She created an unmistakable distinctive style, which can be characterized as dynamic calligraphy realized in matter and space. For the first wooden sculpture created by this technique, he won a gold medal at an international symposium in Mexico. Her works are in a number of European countries (France, Finland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sardinia), also in Canada, the USA, Argentina, Japan and, of course, in the Czech Republic. In 1993, work at a symposium in Argentina opened the world of stone sculpture to her.
She has exhibited independently in Zurich (1981), Paris (1983) and Germany (1988) since the 1980s. She has participated in a number of international symposia, where she has won leading awards several times. She presented herself in Pilsen in a solo exhibition at the Pilsen City Gallery in 2002.
The sculptor organizes various cultural events and exhibitions on the farm in Břasy, and since 2007 the INDIAN SUMMER symposia have been held with the participation of Czech and French artists.
Motto of her work: The statue speaks for itself, if not, it is useless to talk about it.
Š Artotéka města Plzně