František Trčka

27. 7. 1934, Plzeň - 6. 9. 2015, Plzeň

František Trčka was a cofounder of the Intensit, an unofficial group of amateur visual artists. He devoted himself especially to applied and promotional graphic arts; free creation, centred on the theme of the country and landscape, was of peripheral importance to him, although he showed very good drawing capabilities and sense in this field too. The works in Plzeň’s Artotheque are just from this area. František Trčka was the first natural adviser and teacher of his daughter Šárka, an excellent graphic artist, whose works can also be found in the Artotheque of the City of Plzeň. He has never exhibited independently, mainly for the reason of maintaining a critical distance to his own free creation. He remained in the anonymity of applied graphic arts, as a creator with a name he regularly participated only in membership exhibitions of the Intensit Group.
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