Lukáš Kudrna

17. 4. 1980, Plzeň

He studied Private Secondary School of Applied Arts Zámeček (Chateau) in Plzeň-Radčice (1995-1999) and the Academy of applied Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (1999-2005), graphic arts and book illustrations at prof. Jiří Šalamoun. In his free work he deals with graphics, especially the technique of color linocut and gravure (dry needle, etching, aquatint, etc.), drawing and painting. He lives and works in Pilsen. Illustrated the book by Bohumil Hrabal The Evenings for Cassia and several underground poetry collections of the samizdat publisher Arkebuzna Art. In 2007, he received the award in the Graphics of the Year contest. In his figurative work, Kudrna uses a significant expressive exaggeration in the spirit of the traditions of the Czech Grotesque from Váchal to the present, uses narrative storyline principles and a sense of a pointed point. It also focuses on the motives of the city (the periphery of Pilsen) and its inhabitants, which shows with ironic distance to sarcasm. He exhibited in Pilsen (2009), Beroun (2009) and Bernada Bolzano Gallery in Těchobuz (2009), for example on the 10 + 10 project at the Künstlerhaus in Schwandorf (Germany) in 2009, regularly taking part in the Graphics of the Year shows .
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