Luděk Míšek

10. 11. 1976, Plzeň

He studied ceramics in Bechyně (1991-1995) and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1996-2003) in the atelier of prof. J. Zeithamml with stays in the studio prof. E. Přikryl (School of Architecture, 2000-2001) and in the atelier of prof. M. Ullmann (Sculpture School of Stuttgart, 1999-2000). In 2000 he received the Atelier Award of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and in 2000 the Prize of Josef and Marie Hlávek. He lives and works in Chrást near Pilsen and in Pilsen, where he currently works as an assistant at the Institute of Art and Design of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. In his free sculpture he produces non-figurative geometric forms in pure and less strict forms and their processing depending on the material used (wood, various types of metals, ceramics, concrete, plaster, etc.) from classical modeling in clay with the use of sculptural manuscript after impersonal machining of wood or metal. The mate has a native look, only occasionally the surface treatment of the material ranges from traditional methods of patination or polychromation to, for example, gluing of metal foil. Míšek's sculptures and reliefs are characterized by the monumental feel of the forms even in a more intimate form. The artist has been exhibiting since 2002, especially in groups, for example with other Zeithamml graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (Sculpture II, Felix Jenewein Gallery in Kutná Hora, 2006, Sculpture III, Wortner House of AJG in České Budějovice, 2007). He also participated in Exhibition of Finalists 333 at NG - Veletržní palác in Prague in 2008. He also exhibited, for example, with Benedict Tolar at the Exhibition Outside and inside in The University Gallery in Pilsen in 2010, or with Petr Jindra at the Museum of Northern Pilsen in Mariánské Týnice (2009). In recent years he has also been involved in Galery of Pilsen projects such as Thematic Exhibition Jasná zpráva, Pilsen (2007) or Bohemian-Czech Exhibition of Bohemia by the Sea, the Stätischen Gallery, Bremen and the Czech Embassy in Berlin (2009). The selected work is a representative example of the author work, suitable for Artothek with format too.
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