Vladivoj Kotyza

30. 11. 1943, Praha

He has exhibited at membership exhibitions of the Association of Czech Visual Artists (SČVU), now the Union of Visual Artists (UVU) of the Plzeň Region, since the end of the 1960’s. In 1974 he presented his works independently in Plzeň. In 2001 the West Bohemian Gallery in Plzeň organized a retrospective exhibition of his works. Vladivoj Kotyza participated in a number of major thematic exhibitions: Reality and Illusion. The Trends of Czech Radical Realism (Aleš South Bohemian Gallery, 1993), The Forest (Gallery of the City of Plzeň, 2005), Beholding. Miroslav Tázler and Meditative and Lyric Trends in Plzeň’s Artistic Works (Gallery of the City of Plzeň, 2006) and Other Reality. Magic Realism and Imaginative Art in Plzeň’s Artistic Works (Gallery of the City of Plzeň, 2008). Vladivoj Kotyza created several monumental works in Plzeň (such as a painting triptych in the Plzeň Teaching Hospital dating from 1984 or Theatrum Mundi wall painting in the vacant space in Plzeň’s Křižíkovy sady from 2001). Vladivoj Kotyza’s works can be found in the collections of the Aleš South Bohemian Gallery (AJG) at Hluboká nad Vltavou, Cheb’s Gallery of Visual Art, Klatovy/Klenová Gallery or the West Bohemian Gallery in Plzeň.
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