Ivan Vala

3. 2. 1964, Plzeň

He tried to present his photographic works independently in Plzeň in 1988, however, for their nonconformist character they were found as improper by the totalitarian regime. The removal of his works and a ban on holding an exhibition were one of the few cultural and political scandals in Plzeň in the final phase of the communist regime (the same repeated a year later in Prague when an attempt was made to repeat the exhibition on a larger scale). After the revolution, Vala devoted himself to applied graphic arts in addition to photographing. In 1995 he received the prize for the Most Beautiful Czech Book for 1994 declared by the Museum of National Literature in Prague – this prize was given him for a general graphic layout of a publication on Jiří Kolář’s works, “Ven ze stránky” (Out of the Page). For the first time he presented his drawing works in the Gallery of the City of Plzeň in 2003 (Inner Voices), at the instigation of Jiří Valoch. In the same place he presented his drawings, photographs and ground marble in 2006, within the framework of the exhibition Beholding. Miroslav Tázler and Meditative and Lyric Trends in Plzeň’s Artistic Works. In 2009 he participated in the Czech-German project Bohemia is situated at the seaside, which was implemented in Bremen and repeated in the same year in Berlin.
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