Miroslav Pošvic

25. 12. 1959, Vrchlabí

Miroslav Pošvic has exhibited since the second half of the 1980’s at collective exhibitions as well as independently, both at home and abroad. In 1988 he had his first independent exhibition in Italy’s Trento, a year later in Vienna and in 1990 in Frankfurt. Since the beginning of the 1990’s he has repeatedly exhibited in Prague. As far as his independent exhibitions in Czech cities are concerned, besides other cities he also presented himself in Plzeň (for the first time in 2000 in the then Stop Gallery). He has received a few significant awards in the field of graphic arts (Graphic Work of the Year 1994, Art Addition Award in Stockholm in 1995, a prize at the exhibition “200 Years of Lithography” held in Prague in 1999 and a prize at the Central European Drawing Biennial in Plzeň in 2000). His works are present in the National Gallery in Prague and in many private collections in Europe and overseas.
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