Ladislav Fládr

27. 6. 1935, Chlumčany - 29. 8. 2007, Plzeň

The artist participated regularly in the member exhibition organized by the Union of Czech Artists, later by the Union of Artists of Pilsen Region, from the beginning of the sixtieth. He exhibited his artworks also together with the creative group Contact, for example in Oldenburg (Germany) at the year 1969. He implemented the series of collective exhibitions with Pilsen artists (for example J. Krátký, M. Zdeněk, J. Wenig, M. Tázler). He is the member of Pilsen Group P 89. He has created more than twenty architectural realizations. He was the key sculpture personality of the exhibition Cubism Responses in Pilsen (the Gallery of Pilsen City, 2001, catalogue).
Š Artotéka města Plzně