Naděžda Potůčková

8.2.1960 Pilsen

After studying at the Secondary Industrial School of Ceramics in Bechyně under the guidance of the academic sculptor Jaroslav Podmol, she continued her studies at the Faculty of Education of the ZČU in Pilsen with Miloš Franče and Milan Hes, where she subsequently worked as an assistant professor in ceramics.
In used ceramics it is based on twisted shapes, in loose ceramics it has found its own style by joining ceramic plates into slightly concave shapes, which it distinguishes by its matt color. As a material it uses clay, various internal structures, fireclay, etc.
Since 1983 she has organized a number of solo exhibitions in Pilsen, Prague and other Czech cities, and since the 1990s she has also been exhibiting in France and Germany.
She is a member of several art associations, such as the Association of Fine Artists of Ceramics, she participates in federal exhibitions, regularly the exhibition Summer Ceramic Sculpture.
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