Miloš Franče

11.8.1928, Plzeň - 7.8.2007, Plzeň

He participates in the member exhibitions of the Union of West Bohemia Artists, later of the Union of Czech Artists (now the Union of Artists of Pilsen Region) from the year 1949. He introduced himself also at the exhibitions of utility ceramic artwork (Pilsen, Prague, Klatovy, Č. Budějovice, K. Vary, Cheb). He presented his works regularly at the exhibitions of the Department of Arts and Crafts of the Pedagogical Faculty from the beginning of the seventieth till the middle of the eightieth. His artworks were displayed at the individual exhibitions in Pilsen many times from seventieth to eightieth, in Brno and Olomouc at the year 1983, in Hradec Králové at the year 1984, in Karlovy Vary at the year 1985. He also showed his works in Denmark at the year 1969 (Silkeborg, Sprint). He participated at the exhibition Cubism Responses in Pilsen (the Gallery of Pilsen City, 2001, catalogue). He is the member of the Pilsen creative group P 89 (see K. Frauknecht).
Š Artotéka města Plzně