Otakar Strýhal

29.10.1914, Plzeň - 3.12.2000, Dobřív

Otakar Strýhal graduated from the Business Academy in Pilsen. After school he started to work as an accountant and from 1940 to 1958 he worked in the Pilsen Municipal Savings Bank. Otakar Strýhal did not achieve systematic vocational education in the field of fine arts but maintained contact with the painters Vincent Beneš, Ludvík Kuba and Jan Slavíček and is considered to be their unofficial disciple. From 1938 to 1950 he was a member and executive of the Association of West Bohemian Fine Artists in Pilsen. In the 1950s and 1960s, Otakar Strýhal devoted himself to painting the West Bohemian landscape. In 1966 he prepared a set of 24 paintings, 17 of which represented castles in Bohemia, such as Loket, Lopata, Radyně, Bečov, Krašov, Trosky, etc. The ensemble, together with paintings by Strýhal's friend, painter Eustach Kadlec, was from November 1966 exposed in Lafayette Arts Center, Indiana (USA). The exhibition was prepared as a traveling and was seen in about ten countries in the USA. Because it was successful, it was repeated in the US in 1969, this time in the art department of COE.
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