Jaroslav Kantor

14. 10. 1921, Praha - 11. 5. 1996, Plzeň

Jaroslav Kantor was an academic painter, graphic artist and opera singer. He graduated from the State Graphic School, the School of Applied Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He was a student of Professor V. Nechleba. He devoted himself to figural painting and portraits. Until 1977 he was a soloist of the J. K. Tyl Theater in Pilsen, where he created a large number of opera roles.
Jaroslav Kantor is the author of many paintings, especially in the areas of figural and landscape painting around Prague and Pilsen. During his trips, walks and under the influence of immediate experiences and impressions he recorded everything in the field of line art and watercolor.
Š Artotéka města Plzně