Petr Bauer

3.4.1963, Plzeň

Graduated from Hollar's Secondary Art School in Prague. Sci-fi and fantasy illustrator. He also successfully illustrated fiction (Irving, Gardner, Bloch, Stephen King, etc.). His first exhibition was in 1993 at the Parcona sci-fi in Šumperk, and more than twenty of his big exhibitions took place until today. His paintings and illustrations were published in magazines Ikarie, Playboy, Penthouse, Level, illustrations for the Laser, Perseus, Beta-Dobrovský, AF 167, Talpress, Betex, Nava, Albatros, XYZ and other magazines. He made lots of rocks album covers (Kabát, Hagen Baden, A. Brichta, Votchi) and videotapes for Short Film Prague. He has participated in the Nexus Czech-English-Spanish science-fiction project. He successfully paints portraits, painting large-scale interiors also exterior paintings. At present he has created a set of meditation cards and wall calendars of paintings "The Message of Atlantis". It uses AIRBRUSH technique (American retouching) in combination with painting. The selected work well represents his work.
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