Eva Vlčková Štýbrová

30. 9. 1984, Plzeň

She studied at the Secondary industrial building school in Plzeň (2001-2005) and at the Private Secondary school of arts and crafts in Plzeň (2001-2005), from 2004 to 2011 at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts (AVU) in the Studio of Vladimír Skrepl. She studied at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg, Asta Gröting studio (2007) and Katharina Sieverding studio (2008), 2008 at the atelier of visiting professor Magdalena Jetelová (2008, Academy of Fine Arts, Prague) and at ENSA academy in Dijon (2010). She deals with the possibilities of realistic painting without the use of photographs, excessive stylization or imagination. In the "live" painting he captures atmospheric changes and examines the capacity of attention in the painting marathon, where up to 40 paintings are created in one day, she tries to paint at night without artificial lighting. He does not expect inspiration, he focuses on the actual process of painting. Gradually involved other painters in this process and joint paintings were made of up to 11 authors. This is how Saint Thomas Five group (together with Miriam Mottlová, Gabriela Guevara, Thomas McEwen, Daniel Perogordo) was created, dealing with the painting of common paintings of Prague's motifs. Eva Štýbrová has been exhibiting separately since 2001, in group exhibitions for example at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts Jubilee Exhibition in Veletržní Palace in Prague (2007) or the AVU diploma show at the Karlín Hall in Prague (2011).
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